Lets talk about my anxiety in life

If there’s one thing I wish people would invent it would be to make people know what anxiety actually feels like to a lot of people. I’ve wanted to write about this for a while but the thing is it’s hard to actually describe how I feel because a part of me thinks people won’t understand or they think anxiety is panic attacks, which people can have but for me it isn’t that it’s a feeling that I’m not good enough.

Yeah OK I know I’m good enough and that’s the problem. It’s all the little self-doubts that then manifest themselves into a large ball of anxiety and well it’s literally doing my head in so I have decided to use mindfulness to help me.

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I’m finally back posting on here. It feels like I’ve totally neglected a lot of things since last year so I’m going to try again and will post any videos I do on here as well.

Christmas and New year were ok nothing major to talk about spent it with friends and family like normal and yes I’m going to try to make this year THE year!

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Getting Back into SFX make-up?

So I’ve decided to try to get back into my SFX makeup something that I haven’t really done since I finished my course a few years ago now. I actually bought some Silliglass to play with ( a silicone glass replacement that breaks easily and won’t damage you if you fall on it etc) and god knows I have plenty of fake blood to use up among other things I’ve collected over the years.

I don’t know why I stopped doing it apart from my confidence. I really enjoyed doing my course in theatrical and media makeup and the work experience was AWESOME! but I never felt comfortable doing it on other people and I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to do it online. I may just do it on this blog since I’m not really using it for anything else

So yeah watch out for that. I’m hoping to sort out my room a bit as well. I’m hoping to swap this box room with my bedroom so I have more room for my collectables which are mostly funko pops, which to be honest I’m getting a bit board of collecting! I’m even thinking of selling some and just sticking to the characters I like the most! I will see how I feel when I get things sorted!

Anyway that’s all, for now, I will try to blog a bit better in that I don’t do it once in a blue moon kinda thing