To Tweet or not to Tweet…….

…..that is the question.

I’m really getting fed up with Twitter at the moment not necessarily what’s been tweeted but more with what Elon is doing with it. I hate the fact that I’m supposed to pay to be on top of the algorithm not that my tweets were ever that popular but it just feels like I could say anything and no one would notice lol

I also hate the for you tab. It’s dragging me into things I do not want to be a part and yeah maybe that’s a me issue but it’s just annoying. I may stop using Twitter as much as I used and yes I’ve said that before but I don’t get what the point is anymore and is it worth it? It’s not even like I could afford to pay for it anyway *le sigh* Maybe it’s a sign just to not use it as much I know my mental health would be grateful I will see how my mood goes!

I’ve already slacked on this website and other things. I honestly haven’t been feeling great this January not sure if I’m under the weather due partly to having crappy sinuses or it’s just a bout of SAD or both.

it’s not helped that my sleep has been out of whack. Keep waking up at 5 am for some reason so I’ve been working on sorting that out and yes going to bed at an early-ish time is helping. Will be better when we move the clocks forward and it’s getting warmer and lighter in the mornings. Thank god February is only 28 days!

I need to get on putting more Funko Pops on eBay. As you can see I now have a page showing what I’ve got on there. I only sell to the UK though as I don’t think I could handle the anxiety of sending funko pops through the international post.

I’ll do a post about who I’m selling most of my funko pops off. I know not the most interesting of subjects but I want to write more about collecting here because I do collect more than just pops.


Till the next time

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  1. I know what you mean about Twitter. To me, it feels much more complicated now. It’s not the same social network that it used to be, and it’s challenging to know what will happen.

    I hope that your sleeping can be regulated a bit. It’s hard when that happens and trying to get back into a regular pattern.

    Good luck selling your Funko Pops! I love to collect them too.