Merry Christams and a Happy New Year

So a new blog yes. If you know me I’m terrible at blogging so not sure why I would do this but hey let’s not be negative about things. I really wanted my other website to be more about my photography and art than me so I’ll be working on that in the new year.

The past few weeks have been odd. A friend of mine who I hadn’t really been in touch with texted and told me a mutual friend of ours had passed away. Now I’ll be honest hadn’t seen both of them since before the pandemic so yeah was a shock I don’t know the full details as she also told me she had been in hospital with heart failure because of it and I honestly didn’t think it was the right time and, to be honest, I didn’t know what to think felt like an information overload but I’m glad I know and it’s going to be strange without them around. Will be nice to catch up and see what happened with my friend in the new year when she feels better and yeah put a little downer on Christmas. My emotions have been up and down like a yo-yo probably because of this and probably because of Christmas it’s always a stressful time if I’m honest, not sure why but I think my brain makes it more stressful than it is hmm.

Looking forward to 2023

I honestly prefer the New Year to Christmas and looking back at this year I’m actually quite chuffed with myself. For one I started putting my photography online which is something that I’ve been apprehensive to do probably more due to perfectionism than actually hating my photos and you know I’m just an amateur that uses my phone to take photos and then edits them through lightroom. I think one of my wishes for next year is to get a better phone to take photos on. I normally get a Huawei but they can’t use Android anymore so my dream would be to get a Samsung Ultra which is VERY expensive but for me, it’s easier to get a phone that can take good pictures than a phone and a camera. I like things I can shove in a pocket or a bag and just get out there and take images. So yeah gonna get more into that over the next year. Got a few good things already on the calendar. exciting times ahead.

I also need to get back to the gym. Over the summer I got really bad gym anxiety for some reason which sucks because I KNOW being active I’ll lose weight. I also need to go on walks more even if it’s just around where I live. I am lazy but I also want to lose a bit more weight and feel good for the Summer of fun I’m going to have and yes I’m probably writing this down here to remind myself what I’ve said I’m going to do.

What this website will be about

I honestly have some plans for this website not sure if they’ll come to fruition though who knows? I do want to start talking about collectables again that was kind of a plan for my other website that didn’t really hit off. Not that I’ve been buying much this year. I’ve totally stopped buying funko pops as I used so I’ll be selling off a lot of them in the new year so I can buy other things and save up for the rest of the year. Also just be about me and my life if anything. I do have a category called opinions but I may change that I don’t know yet. Opinions are those things that often trigger people and it’s always fun but the question is do I want to go there or have a happy life? I just don’t want to feel stress and anxiety about these things and I know for some that may be odd but honestly, I overthink the smallest of things. If you could sit in my brain for a day you’d be like why is she like this?


Hope you all have a great Christmas and a great New Year. (I may post something before then I don’t know)

Till the next time

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