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I wouldn’t say I like it when I don’t write anything here for a while but honestly, I haven’t felt motivated to sit at my computer and write anything and yes I could use my phone but I prefer to use my computer.

Not to say I have things to share. Went back up into Scotland at the start of the month as we had tickets for the Braemar gathering which happens the first Saturday of September and I LOVE that area in the Cairngorms National Park you drive up past the Glenshee ski resort it’s so lovely will have to take a video the next time we go there through the mountains. Braemar sits at an elevation of 339 metres (1,112 ft) and you don’t actually feel it until you go back down. It’s not far from Balmoral Castle as well which was where the queen passed in 2022. We have already booked to get back up to the Moray Firth in May next year and thinking of going to Braemar and having a walk around the Balmoral gardens. The only part of the castle you can go in is the ballroom so yeah not that bothered about that.

I do have some photos and videos of what I got up to I’ll sort them out and post them here (Yeah I know I said that about the Hollywood vampires lol). I also have other photos of the other things we got up to. It was a nice 4-day getaway with wonderful weather. I think we have been blessed this year with the weather in Scotland although the rain does hit differently there than in England it’s odd but then I’ve never had a problem with walking around in the rain it’s so relaxing as long as it’s the right sort of rain.

I think I’ve finally got my website look sorted out over at my other website. I’m going old school with the Verdana font it’s weird how no one uses that anymore I’m sure there’s probably a reason why like most things these days. I miss the old days of the internet where things were animated gifs and 4 fonts and no social media no shitty opinions lol.

It’s weird putting my photos online as well. I don’t want to be a professional but if I can make money from it then it’s a bonus. I hope that when I get my office sorted out as well I’ll get back into jewellery making and artwork. I like being creative but have always put off sharing it with people not sure why. Although I did have an Etsy account once to sell things apparently it’s turned into a dumpster fire over there so I’ll have to see how I can sell things online. There are ways and I will find them.

Anyway, enjoy the end of Summer

Till the next time

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