Dahlia Delights

So I’ve become obsessed with the flower Dahlia, and I’m not sure why, but they are beautiful. I can’t say I’m anything but a noob at these things though and I really only been planting them and buying them over the past two years and I think over the autumn and winter I’m going to look into what sort of soil they like etc as I want to put them into a large pot or something. I don’t really want to grow them in the ground next year since we have had slugs and I think caterpillars ate some leaves not that the caterpillars are a bad thing although I think I’ll make a patch for butterflies next year to get them away from the other flowers as I’ve seen a few of them around this year..

Not sure if it has to do with the 40oC we had at the start of summer but it felt like an eternity for these buds to come out Not that I’m complaining. They actually flower from July August September and October anyway so It’ll be nice to see what’s happening in the garden when I come back from a few days away in Scotland (again). I’m just hoping it won’t get too cold. The gallery below is just a few of what I got this year. not sure why I love this flower so much but they are gorgeous. I like buying them in pots just as much as growing them and this year I really want to get one called Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff’ which is a gorgeous red flower with long dark stems good for height. I actually saw them in a garden centre last year and regretted not buying them then. Will have to watch out in December and get a tuber (yes Dahlias come out of tubers and there are many different styles of blooms too) they are too good to miss out on and will be different to what I’ve gone going on.

Few photos of some of the Dahlias I have.

The Southport Flower Show

Went to the Southport flower show with my mum last Thursday (24th of August) and I loved it. It’s kind of our local flower show as it’s only down the road from where I live and it was the first time I’d ever been to a flower show and my mind was blown. I have to share some of the amateur-grown dahlias that were being shown. Now I’m not sure I’d ever do anything like this I think you have to have an understanding of how to achieve that golden medal winner. They had all sorts of categories including floating ones. Hats off to everyone who was showing and the winners. They are so gorgeous. Don’t think the camera on my phone really does any of the colours any justice.

I do have a few photos of other things that were at the show but being the Dahlia dweeb that I am you know I just had to take these. I really enjoyed the show and all being well will hopefully go again next year. I did feel inspired by it all and I want to try to grow other flowers because of going there but I’ve lost my heart to this flower known as Dahlia. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next year!

Till the next time

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