Moody Cow

I’ve been in an arse of a mood today and I know it’s because I’ve not been taking my Magnesium glycinate which is supposed to help with depression and anxiety and stuff. Yes, there’s no scientific research on it but it has helped me have a more relaxing sleep and yeah my stupid ass hasn’t been taking any at night so I’ve not been having the best day today and yes when I first started taking magnesium no one told me how it can have a laxative effect so I don’t by it from Boots anymore.

But yeah I hate it when I don’t sleep well it kind of ruins my day more than anything. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same out there but I do wish I had a soundproof room to scream in and no it’s not hormonal trust me on that.

Anyway deep breaths and REEEEEEELAX lol

I should use this website more to talk about my feelings but I always get anxious over it for some reason. Not like anyone comments or even reads this anyway ( I have to work on that). Instead, I’ve started cryptic things on my Instagram stories Sorry NOT sorry. It’s just easier to write at the moment there than here but I don’t wanna piss people off with that so yeah brain gotta sort that out. I wish I was more outspoken and not worry if people get offended which happens too often these days. It’s like you can’t even breathe without anybody complaining you aren’t doing it right ( OK slight exaggeration but you know what I mean)

In Other News

I’ve finally found a thing for my other website to make a masonry gallery so now I can finally get on with doing that. I was looking at professional themes on Themeforest but they aren’t in my price range so looked at the sale at the Divi marketplace and got something from there. SO yay! I’ve been putting off doing this website as I have WAY too many photos of Scotland and I’m going back again next week. Hopefully will get some photos of the Braemar gathering and other places ( I think we are visiting Sterling and Dumfries as well) I think I’m gonna have to go through the ones I’ve got and see which ones I need to save. I need to stop taking the same photo 100 times over. It will be cool to see what kind of photos my new phone camera takes though. A 200-megapixel camera are they really that good?

Anyway here’s to hoping for a better day tomorrow. I’ll definitely be taking my magnesium again!

Till the next time

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