Summer Cleaning

I’m currently trying to sort out all the unboxed funk pops I have and see which ones can go on eBay to try and sell. I’ve really gone off collecting funk pops not that it’s a bad thing I don’t get a thrill about it anymore and I quite enjoy buying the more limited edition type of things. Although truth be told I need to save the money as well.

I think what spurred me to do this is that I want to move my office around. I have two desks and a lot of junk in here, Yes I’m probably a border so I may just get a black plastic bag and put things that I don’t need into the bin. I know that’s not great for the environment but honestly, sometimes it’s better just to get rid of things and it’s better for me mentally. However, if it’s something arty I sometimes offer it to people that I know to run an art class because I KNOW art supplies can be expensive.

it’s good to finally get it going though. I do find these things overwhelming. I don’t just collect funko pops but I’ve also collected a lot of artwork prints from comic cons so one of the things I want to do is try to get all that on the walls. Not sure I actually have enough room. I want to put all my Johnny Depp related stuff in my office along with the collectables I have. I’m thinking framed artwork and floating shelves I dunno will have to see what and if it ever happens. I’ve been saying for years now that I want to change things around but it never happens. Maybe I shouldn’t be so negative let’s see what happens over the next few months.

In other news

One of my Dahilas has finally got buds on it. I’ll be posting a photo on my Instagram. I love dahlias they are my favourite flower but the ones I have in the ground haven’t really got any buds. Not sure if it’s the weather or what but I think next year I’ll probably put them in pots. I did buy two from a garden centre and put them in pots and granted they were already bloomed but they have dealt with the weather well. Although I think the wet weather we have been having has brought out slugs and snails so who knows? I’ll have to get something down to stop them. I’ve also seen a cabbage white butterfly or one of many flying around.

Yes have felt a bit meh about not getting my dahlias growing but it’s gardening you learn as you go most of the time. Like the other year when I was trying to grow huge tomatoes which grew but they had a black bottom due to lack of calcium. I must try growing them again as my folks now have a greenhouse. I’m never a huge fan of shop-bought tomatoes but fresh-grown ones from your own garden are yummy.

I’m really excited to see this dahlia flower though. Fingers crossed it’s gonna be a good one!

Till the next time

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