Time really does fly when you are having fun

I have photos which I will go through and see if they are worth posting. They aren’t great but they are memories and I’m really glad I did what I did. I hadn’t done anything like this since I saw U2 in Dublin and Vienna and I was going to see HV in Berlin before the pandemic hit. I like travelling and I should really do more of it will have to see what the rest of the year brings really.

Anyway, I better post this before the end of the week or it’ll be two weeks ago and I’m not doing that. I will go through my photos over the weekend I have another post that I want to do as well. I’ve got a lot to say about not having Twitter in my life and hopefully, it’ll make more sense than this does. But yes life is getting good again I’m happy and that’s all that matters!

Till the next time

PS. The footer is broken I know I’ll sort that out tomorrow when I’m not half asleep!

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