So Long Twitter

So I finally deactivated my Twitter account not that it’s a big deal or anything but honestly, It had to be done it was becoming too toxic in my life and frankly I’m feeling better without it. I used to have the Twitter FOMO but can we all be honest that what happens on social media isn’t a true reflection of what is happening in real life? I feel that people don’t get that. Of course that doesn’t mean it’s all lies but it’s become more of a hostile place and I’m just done with arguing with Gen Z that think they are making a difference to the world when they are not.

I did start up a new account but I may get rid of that too and just have a clean break from it all. I was going to use it for other things like selling stuff but what’s the point if Elon is trying to force everyone to pay for it? I shouldn’t have to pay because Elon is a dumb ass and paid for something that wasn’t actually making a profit. It’s sad really Twitter was good back in the day and I remember the fail whale so yeah I’m old enough to remember it was an infant. I can only hope people take all of this and create something better but like Twitter?

I’m just happy I’ve done it and yeah I’d recommend everyone to do it!

Oh Anxiety, please!

So Anyway I’m seeing the Hollywood Vampires on Saturday in Manchester and then London and Glasgow and yeah I’m overthinking it as always. I’ve been to London before on my own on a spontaneous trip to see the Flight of the Conchords but I seem to be more stressed about getting to London than Glasgow a place I’ve never been before. I was talking to my mum about my anxiety and she said I should go and see a Dr about this but I don’t trust Drs and I don’t talk well on the phone but I know I can’t keep going on like this when I know if I dealt with it or see what kind of support I could get. I hate it I think anxiety is the last thing I really need to work on and maybe I am in denial about how it is affecting me. What harm could it be to see what help is out there and I KNOW you’re gonna say well you can go to gigs on your own. YES, I can but I still have that anxiety beforehand. I’ll be happy just to get places.

I will tell you more if I bite the bullet!

Just a note

I will get to doing stuff about collectables after next week. I totally didn’t realise how close I was to July last week. My bad but I have taken photos of one of the things and I honestly need to tidy up where things are kept. I’m not gonna spend another year saying I’m going to sort out my collectables and bedroom just not to. AGAIN!

I do love making myself laugh

Till the next time

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