Febuary is DONE!

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So, we are now into March and I’m so happy. February was really hard for me I went to York for a couple of nights but felt so weak afterward it was doing my head in.

As you know my sleeping pattern was atrocious but even when I was sleeping I woke up feeling more tired so yeah it was kind of driving me nuts so I decided to buy some Magnesium glycinate because it’s supposed to help with sleeping and anxiety and I have to say it works.

I will say though be careful if you are buying magnesium there are a few different types and yes, they can give you diarrhea, trust me I learned the hard way about that. Also, if you are taking medications through your Dr ask them for advice before taking supplements (My disclaimer so you can’t sue me).

I’ve also started to take Vitamin D which I will probably stop when the clocks go forward at the end of March as I’ll probably be out more in the summer. I know some people will be cynical about supplements but honestly, I do feel a lot more with it we will see how it goes. It’s just nice to feel like I’ve slept when I wake up.

I’m posting a video with this just because I wanted to try out videopress which is WordPress’s video hosting and yes it costs money so we will see how it goes. I know I could use YouTube, but I wanted something better.


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I also love this video. One of the things I like about this time of year is that you get to hear the birds more even if this is a blackbird (I think it was anyway). I was just sitting outside after a walk and yeah it was loud and obviously tweeting to another bird somewhere else as I could hear in the distance. To me, it is such a nice thing to hear after a long winter!

In metrological terms spring is here and yes can’t wait for the end of March when we put the cocks forward and summer begins.

Bring it on!

Till the next time


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