Happy New year

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year. Mine was ok nothing special same old thing and I’m glad it’s over. Yeah, I’m not a social person the only thing I dislike is when you have to put the decorations down. I’ve grown to like Christmas gonks which are the coolest thing ever and nicer than Nutcrackers but I’m only buying ONE a year because it stops me from buying way too much. Like I could be that weirdo with a house full of Gonks and it may happen.

My Goal for 2024

So I don’t do New Year’s resolutions I don’t get them. I will do what’s right for me and won’t put stress on myself as that kind of thing doesn’t work for me. But this year I am making a goal to try and aim to sell one piece of artwork and share more with the public. I love doing both photography and other arty things like painting and making jewellery and I’ve always put myself off selling things (Not necessarily jewellery I have sold some in the past) but the idea of putting art in the post kinda freaks me out and it’s something I have to get over or I’m just gonna have to start a museum or something and yeah my art may not be everyone’s cup of tea but that’s what art is about, isn’t it?

I also have 101 things that I want to do this year. But I’m not gonna stress about that it’s only the 2nd day of the year.

I do hope all your dreams are fulfilled this year. I do think it’s gonna be a special year and karma is going to bite people on the ass who deserve it.

Anyway, my friends I know this is short but I’ll be back soon.

Till the next time

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