OMG it’s Febuary!?!

So much for this idea that I will be posting more this year! OK so yes it’s only been the first month but You know I had ideas for things to do. You know the same shit as always that never actually happens. I do laugh at myself

To be honest I haven’t been feeling my tip-top best the past few months and no I didn’t go to the Dr even though I probably should have but I’m feeling a lot better now. A part of me was looking on Google and thinking the worst I need to stop that. I have huge anxiety about my health as it is so I now try to block things like that anywhere especially places like TikTok where everyone is telling you how you should and shouldn’t feel.

But I feel good now. I am not sure what it was but it’s passed and I’m happy again and feel ready to get on with things.

Spring Cleaning…

I’ve started some spring cleaning and I’ve decided just to throw a lot of things away. Probably not great for the environment but I’m one of those “maybe I’ll need that ” kind of person so I just need to get rid of and not think about things because it’s been around me for tooooooo long and all it’s doing is attracting dust.

I’ve been like this for far too long and I know like many who suffer from mental ill health that it’s a struggle to be tidy and no one should feel ashamed for it but for me, I think my mindset has changed and as much as I used to love collecting things like Funko pops but now I’m selling them on to others who may appreciate them more and using that money to buy things that I want or need.

I also had a bad habit of buying notebooks I think we all know others like that don’t we? So just getting rid of those and a load of other junk and to be honest it’s been nice. I also found some Marvel DVDs and Blu-rays I wasn’t missing them oops. Wonder what else I’ll find in my “office” and bedroom.

I do need to find my jewelry-making things as well which I know are in my bedroom. I miss doing that.


I hope you are all having a good start to the new year. I want to start making videos about my art and stuff on here. It has always been a plan of mine and yeah I’m gonna do it this year (Yeah I’m pretty sure I say this every year). Have a lot of things to be doing and now I feel better I’ll be doing them.

Till the next time

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