Getting Used to WordPress Blocks

I’ve been using WordPress for years not sure how many but I remember B2 blog which it was based upon over 20 years ago (Yes I’m old! Nearly 43 how did it go so fast?) and now after so many years I’m slowly getting to understand the block system that is part of WordPress and yes I found this design and thought I’d have a play with it. So if it changes a lot that is why.

I like this block idea it helps you use a theme and design how you like which I love since I do not know how to build a theme from scratch. I was self-taught HTML back in the early dawn of the WWW, but PHP and coding went over my head. I must say my HTML5 knowledge is nonexistent is that even still a thing?

So yeah just thought I’d post a notice here as things change. I’d do more tonight but it’s 10:50 pm and I have a shitty sinus headache. I’m amazed I got any of it done. I probably should wear my glasses more too.

Note to self buy new glasses.

Oh, and this theme was on the WordPress site. I didn’t realise you could find themes for blocks when searching for themes and yes I like it. I got a bit bored with the blackness of the other one.

Let us see how long this lasts

I’ll give it a month

Till the next time

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