It’s Nearly British Summer Time!

First of all…

I’ve been a bit MIA of late and I’ve not been well the past week or so. I had awful acid reflux which is something I’ve never really had before. I think it was all the coffee I was drinking after I got myself a coffee machine and I finally went to the doctor and saw someone who prodded me and kept asking me “Is this where it hurts” In my head I was like where you just poked me or where the acid reflux was? she gave me a prescription and hopefully, that will be the end of the acid reflux. I just have to cut down on caffeine like that will happen not that I drink much to start with and I may have had a larger iced americano at Dunkin’ (which is my summer drink) will I ever learn? I doubt it.

Is Spring Cleaning supposed to be overwhelming?

I think I may have talked about this in a previous post but I finally moved one of my desks to the other side of this box room I call an “office” It’s only been I don’t know how many years and it’s been kind of overwhelming. I have got rid of a lot in my office but still feel like there is more to sort out. I think I’ll have to be even more strict with how I throw things away and yes I know throwing things away isn’t the best but this stuff has been around for years and to be honest NO MORE HORDING! I don’t know why I get so sentimental about these things even if it feels like more of a big job than I think it is.

The positive side to all this is that I can finally get into doing the things I’ve said I wanted to do for ages. Even though the light in this box room is annoying still get to use the gadgets that Ive bought throughout the years which will help. Not sure exactly what I’m going to be doing though but I’m gonna just go with the flow of things.

Happy Easter to you all

Happy easter if you celebrate it or happy long weekend to those who don’t ( It’s a bank holiday here in the UK) I’m not religious so I’m just looking forward to putting my clocks forward Sunday night and yes that does mean I lose an hour of sleep but it also means I finally got through winter and it’s the start of British summertime now if the weather would stop being odd so I can sort my dahlias out that would be grand.

So have a great Easter
Till the next time

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