Getting back into my art work

So I’ve started getting back into my artwork since I’ve been sorting out my workspace. Which isn’t perfect but we are getting there and I have decided to do over some that I didn’t really like after not looking at them for a while.

Work in progress

I’ve been getting into this kind of dotty approach for a few years now and I kind of like it. I use a mixture of Posca paint pens, Molotow acrylic paint pens and just acrylic paint. Using paint pens has helped me with this idea that I had in my head for ages. Of course, I also like doing other things and using a mix of mediums, but that will be another post.

For the black parts, I’ll be going over them with matte black 3 from Culture Hustle who do some crazy cool art stuff. I am a bit hesitant to use it as it’s expensive but I’ll find a way to use things one way or another.

I’ve always been abstract in my art. I once did a short course at my local college and realised that still life and such like wasn’t for me. I just do what my brain likes to do. A friend I once had always wondered how I could do this and I just do. Then I may worry about it later. One of the best things about using paint pens is that it’s easier to change as they lay so smoothly and yes the perfectionist in me hates texture in my paintings which is something I have to deal with because it happens.

I am hoping to sell these. I’ve only ever sold one painting and that was years ago. I think I’m gonna set up a gallery on another URL to show off my art and photography as I kind of like how this is all going for once and yes I’ll probably change the theme again of this site…..maybe.

I will update on things once I’ve sorted it out. Check out my Instagram for quicker updates and other things like my photography.

Till the next time

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