Life update – Birthdays, holidays and Stuff

So long time no see how are you? I don’t write enough on this blog so thought I’d just do a little update about what’s been going on over the past month.

My Birthday

Last month was my 43rd birthday. I had a Colin the Caterpillar cake which is a chocolate Swiss roll cake from Marks and Spencer, yes you know it’s going to be good. That’s about all that happened.

I think I’m at an age where I want to acknowledge my age but also don’t worry about it. I’m quite ok with getting older. There was a time when I was not too fond of the idea or even worse felt like I wasn’t going to get past my 30s so to be 43 is awesome! Remember younglings life starts at 40 stop stressing about getting older it happens and like most things, It is how you deal with it that matters.

Holiday in Scotland…Again

I also went on what seems to be my yearly holiday up in Scotland. I wish I didn’t have to come home I love Scotland. We started in Fort William then went to Cullan (my favourite place) on to Aberdeen then went to Balmoral Castle and Braemar in the Cairngorms and then a night in just outside of Dundee and then home. I honestly love Scotland and all it has to offer and I’m hoping we can go longer next year and it always feels like it goes so quickly

I’m currently going through my photos of this year’s holiday. I don’t know why I take so many I have LOADS from the past 4 years of visiting. I’ll start posting them as soon as I’m happy so probably next year XD.

Other Things

I did get my ass on the beta of Foto which is a new app just for photography and yes it’s brilliant can’t complain and they are still slowly working on it. It’s open beta until the 12th of June so if you want to try it go here. yes, you need to donate but honestly, it’s worth it and they are not asking for much it’s just to keep it moving forward.

If I do anything in the next few weeks, it’ll sort out my “office” so I can have lights around my desk. I don’t know who designed this house but only having plugs on one side of the room is annoying. I don’t like the idea of having so many plugs around me, but if I have to do it that way, then so be it! I pay for video hosting through WordPress and I want to do some videos of things

One last thing I may have finally found a theme I like. Just need to mess with a few things and yes I know but it’s me and it happens!

Till the next time

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